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About Us

Black Supply Co. was named after our first product, the world famous Black Pods. After adding more products to our collection, we became known for more than the headphones, hence Black Supply Co.
Since day 1, customers have been our number one priority. It sounds clichè, but without customers, we literally would not exist and certainly would not have come this far.
We have been able to partner with brands such as Best Buy due to our proven track record of customer satisfaction, and therefore, it is our obligation to make sure you are satisfied with high quality products and unparalleled customer service around the clock. 

Everything we distribute and stock is done with people in mind, and so, all products we distribute are those both we and the brand believe will impact your life for the better. Black Supply is known to turn down manufacturers with subpar products - we only add to our distribution network the best of the best.
We have a commitment to serving you the latest and highest quality gadgets at affordable prices.

From Germany, Australia, Sweden, to Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States, we have satisfied people worldwide and strive to keep doing so. Whether it be for headphones or smartphones, we only supply what we know you’ll love.